harrowing moment a baby was bitten by a coyote on the shore of a Southern
California beach as two inattentive adults stood just feet away was captured
in footage on Thursday.

According to the viral video, the prairie wolf jumped on the girl child’s face and tackled her to the ground while she played near the water at Huntington Beach.

The vicious wild dog then rocked her back and forth, leaping off the child before lunging back on her in a mounting posture, as two adults and a child stood nearby enjoying the waves, oblivious to the commotion, according to the shocking clip.

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After some 15 agonising seconds, a woman turned around, saw the attack, and drove the coyote away. The child was brought to the hospital and was expected to make a full recovery from serious injuries.

Cops later shot two coyotes dead on an Orange County beach, but none of them were the canine who lunged at the small girl.

While coyotes are moving closer to human habitat, attacks on humans are not very common. If encountered, they can be scared off by making loud noises and waving hands above the head to seem threatening.

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Three pitbulls brutally mauled a South Carolina woman on April 28, leaving her without arms in a similar animal attack.

The woman suffered bites all over her body as a result of the vicious incident.

The dogs had killed the owner’s chickens as well, after which he wanted to put them down. However, his wife insisted on training the pitbulls. The neighbors have reportedly said that the owner had an unfenced lawn, and the dogs used to openly roam in the neighborhood.

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Three counts of owning dangerous animals assaulting humans, a rabies violation, and permitting deadly animals off his property unrestrained were filed against the owner.