Chennai, Oct 9 (PTI) The Madras High Court has directed the Chairman of Chennai Port Trust to immediately call for a meeting with the heads of other agencies, to constitute a committee to check overloading of trailer lorries.

Justice N Anand Venkatesh gave the direction on Friday, while passing interim orders on a writ petition, highlighting the dangers in allowing the overloaded trailers to ply in the City.

The judge observed that the writ petition portrayed a very disturbing scenario caused due to overloading of the trailer vehicles which are criss-crossing the city. The danger envisaged is quite understandable since Chennai Metro Rail work is going on across in many places, the road is weak and any overloading will result in the road itself sinking and causing a greater disaster.

Earlier, a similar plea was made before the Supreme Court, which gave certain guidelines. However, there is no use in merely having certain guidelines and it is important to monitor the same to ensure that the guidelines are followed, the judge said.

"In view of the above, there shall be a direction to the Chairman, Port of Chennai, to immediately call for a meeting with the Commissioner of Transport, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (North-Traffic), the Traffic Manager, Port of Chennai, the general managers of relevant container terminals. In the meeting, a decision shall be taken to form a Committee and certain guidelines shall be drafted to ensure check and balance to properly monitor and take action against the persons who are involved in overloading of trailer lorries." "The Committee shall be made responsible for proper monitoring of the guidelines to be drafted by the Committee and this court will regularly monitor the progress shown and ensure that some control is established against the overloading vehicles," the judge said.

The report shall reach this court before the next date of hearing, the judge added and posted the case on October 27.