In US President Joe Biden’s agenda for the first 100 days, a lot of emphasis was given to stop gun violence and shootings. But clearly, very less has been put on ground since he assumed the office. In 2020, cases of killings went low in the pandemic-hit US, but this year, a lot of US citizens have been killed in deadly cases from across the country.

Here are three cases of many that killed a lot of people since Biden took charge as the US President:

- FedEx facility shooting: In Indianapolis, a gunman killed eight people, including four Sikh people and injured many others before killing himself in an incident at a FedEx facility on April 15. 

After the incident, President Joe Biden slammed the gun violence in Indianapolis and said that it has become ‘too normal’. He said that the shootings of innocent people is a matter of "national embarrassment" for the US. 

- Boulder shooting: A mass shooting took place on March 22 at a King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, in which 10 people, including a police officer were killed and the suspect named Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa was injured after being shot with a gun in the right leg. 

President Biden said in a statement that he was shattered after the incident took place and would take steps that could stop the killings. He added, “We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again. I got that done when I was a senator.  It passed.  It was law for the longest time, and it brought down these mass killings.”

-Atlanta shooting: Eight people in two massage businesses got killed in shootings that happened last month on March 16, 2021, most of them from Asian descent. The killings came after a rise in hate crime against Asian Americans. 

The 78-year-old President and VP Kamala Harris condemned the unlawful act and said that laws need to be changed and people accountable should get even stricter punishments.

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Though having gun violence as a top priority in the first 100 days agenda, there were still a lot of cases of mass shootings across the country. But after the Indianapolis shooting, the Biden administration came up with an initial action sheet to address gun violence problems:

- A proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of ‘ghost guns’ meaning criminals buy gun kits in as less as 30 minutes and when the weapon is found at a crime scene, due to lack of serial number, it can’t be traced, to stop that, the administration has proposed a new rule.

- As mentioned in the action sheet, “The Justice Department, within 60 days, will issue a proposed rule to make clear when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act.”

- The Justice Department will issue an annual report on firearms trafficking, it will also nominate David Chipman to serve as Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, who served at ATF for 25 years and now works to advance common sense gun safety laws.