In a video posted on Facebook, a giant Asian lizard could be seen exploring a 7-Eleven store in Thailand, leaving the customers in a state of shock.

The water monitor, which is a common lizard in Thailand, climbed up the racks and crumbled goods with his humongous body. These lizards can go up to 8 feet in length and are the second largest lizard in the world, after the Komodo dragon, which is also a type of monitor. 

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The onlookers can be heard screaming and even giggling at the sight of the giant lizard resting on the shelf. The video, originally posted on Facebook, has over 525,000 views. 

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The lizards are not a big threat to humans and normally eat eggs, small animals and carrion.

See the video here:

However, netizens managed to squeeze out humour from the bizarre situation. One user posted, "Just a Monitor Lizard, checking the CCTV, presumably."

Meanwhile, another wrote, "They need to keep the dry skin cream on the bottom shelf! Every time he goes there he asks them to move it!"