If the rumour mill is anything to go, the latest reports suggest Goldberg is also on his way back to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and we might soon see him go toe-to-toe against Bobby Lashley.

According to a report by Fightful Select, Bill Goldberg will make his first appearance in this Monday night RAW and he is pinned to set up an eventual match with Bobby Lashley, targeted for the Summerslam. However, there is still no clarity if it would specifically be for the WWE title, which has currently in Lashley's possession.

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As WWE is slowly getting back on the road and planning to open up to live audiences, they are trying to get bigger names to attract crowds. And Goldberg is surely a big one. 

Meanwhile, Goldberg's WWE contract accounts for two matches per year and he has already competed at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Now he will likely use that second match at SummerSlam. Where all odds suggest that he will take on the 'All Mighty'. But if the 54-year-old was to overcome Lashley come Summerslam and become the WWE Title champion, then it's likely we will see a lot more of the Hall of Famer. 

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Lashley’s dream match for years has been an elusive fight against Brock Lesnar. But according to reports WWE and the Beast Incarnate has not been able to reach a deal for a match on August 21 at SummerSlam 2021.

This is what leads to the assumption that a Goldberg-Lashley could be on the cards. Goldberg already failed to win the WWE championship from Drew McIntyre at Royal Rumble 2021 in January. But as things stand, Summerslam could be the moment he redeems himself.

Given WWE's latest pursuit of superstar names, it is likely that Becky Lynch will also make her return in Money in the Bank. 

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