'Google Pay Go India Celebrates Diwali Quiz' Google Pay's Diwali-oriented quiz under the Google Pay Go India contest is here now. During the contest, one has to visit Celebrate Diwali and submit correct answers to get an assured scratch card worth Rs. 100 from Google Pay. 


Here are the answers to the Google Pay Go India Celebrates Diwali Quiz Questions:


Q1. What does Kollam, Alpanna, Jhuthi have in common?

A1. All are forms of Rangoli.


Q2. Which of the following activities would you be not doing during Diwali?

A2. Applying Gulal on friends.


Q3. Which are the following are used to celebrate Diwali?

A3. All of them.


Q4. Which festival is celebrated on the fifth day of Diwali among brothers and sisters? 

A4. Bhai Dooj.


Q5. This Diwali your father wants to download and send money to you via GPay. He is asking for your advice on what to set as an UPI pin?

A5. None of them.


Q6. During the 2019 Diwali game on Google Pay, which stamp was the most sought after by people across India? 

A6. Rangoli.


Stay tuned for more questions and their answers. The quiz is from 13th November to 15th November.