Search engine giant Google has rolled out a new privacy feature for iOS users that allows them to quickly delete the last 15 minutes of saved search history. This  'Delete last 15 mins’ will be especially useful in those cases where you want to share your device but don't have the time to manually delete the search history.

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This feature was announced in May this year. It is expected to be rolled out for Android users later this year. 

The feature 'Delete last 15 mins’, as of now, is available on iOS for the Google app. The search engine giant made the announcement in a blog post. 

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You can access this option by tapping on your profile on the Google app. 

Google will also automatically delete search history every three, 18 or 36 months, but only if you enable the option. 

Google sets the default time frame at 18 months. You can, however, change it by tapping on the profile icon and then going to the search history option. 

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The search engine provides you with several options to make searches without them showing in your search history. One option is to make searches using incognito mode. You can access this option by opening the Google app, clicking on the three dots on top-right side. Among the options that get displayed is that of incognito, just click on it.

There is also the auto-delete option. 

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But, this 'Delete last 15 mins’ option will be useful in certain cases and make the task simpler. 

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