Gudi Padwa is the Maharashtrian New Year day and it is celebrated to mark the beginning of new Shaka Samvat. Natives of Maharashtra and Goa celebrate the day which falls on Chaitra Pratipada tithi of Shukla Paksha. A puja is also held on the new year day. This year, Gudi Padwa will fall on April 12.

The auspicious timings to conduct the puja are between 11:56 AM to 12:47 PM. 

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Here is the list of things or Samagri that you will need for the puja:

- 1 Copper Kalash

- 1 unused saree or a piece of fresh cloth

- Mango leaves

- Bunch of Neem leaves

- A wooden stick about 5-6 long

- Sakhar Gathi (sugar candy garland)

- Fresh flower garland

- Akshat (raw rice with turmeric)

- Haldi

- Kumkum

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For the puja, you will need Paan and supari, Coconut with its husk, Flowers, Fruits, Dhoop (Incense), Deep (oil lamp), Naivedhya (Food preparations).

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