Delhi boy Hamid Barkzi received his share of well-deserved fame and support from Indian audiences even before he was declared the winner of the Roadies Revolution on January 16. 

This season of the popular MTV show started with the objective of giving an opportunity to the contestants to contribute towards a social cause, with the leaders being the flag bearer for changes. A plethora of social causes were covered by the contestants ranging from water conservation, climate protection, animal rights, women empowerment and many more. The winner was promised a Jawa Bike and monetary compensation that would be donated towards the social cause of their choice. 

Hamid Barkzi, 23, who is also an entrepreneur and runs his own cafe in New Delhi, found himself under the leadership of Nikhil Chinapa almost halfway through the season and in the safe haven of what came to be known as Team Loyalty after the midseason task called 'Haddipa Games'. 

In the intense and fierce task of the finale, Barkzi had to face his friend and fellow teammate Michael and the competitive spirit of Jayant, who was playing for Varun Sood's team.

After winning the title, he admitted that he often considered himself an underdog of the game and felt a little underconfident. However, he did get time to work on his physical and mental well-being. This helped him face every task, vote out and challenge fearlessly and emerged as the last man standing, even as his team faced extremely tough odds a few episodes before the finale. 

The 'Basket Brawl' task, which is often called the turning point of this season of the Roadies Revolution, is the perfect example of the kind of bravery, courage and never-back down attitude Barkzi had.

His teammates, who credited the entire win to him, were seen chanting "Roadies Mai Rehna Hai Toh Hamid Hamid Kehna Hai", which later caught on to be his catchphrase. 

Nikhil Chinapa secured his first win as a leader in the Roadies franchise with two of his team members, Hamid and Michael, occupying the three spots in the season finale. Other team leaders, Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula were eliminated in the semi-finale task while Ranvijay Singh was hosting the show.