Social Media is full of pictures and allegory of love on Valentine's Day. People in relationships go all out to celebrate their beloved. If you think people on your feed are being mushy, you will probably flip seeing Machine Gun Kelly's post for his bae, Megan Fox. On Valentine's Day, Kelly, the American singer and rapper uploaded a few pictures on his Instagram, with Megan Fox, along with the caption,

"I wear your blood around my neck".

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Eccentricity is a quintessential part of show business. And no, Kelly was not saying it just for the sake. Of all the pictures he had uploaded, there was also a picture of a pendant with a drop of Megan's blood on it. This gesture, however, is not new. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, when they were dating between 2000 to 2003, also wore pendants containing each other's blood.

Kelly's beloved, Fox, however, went ahead with a more conventional way to express her love for her beloved. She wrote an extremely mushy poem calling Kelly 'most unusually handsome boy'. However, she ended her post with a slight quirk saying, 'happy valentine's day rehab barbie'.

Their eccentricity truly suits one another.

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly started dating in July 2020, after they met on the sets of 'Midnight in Switchgrass.'