Many people who commuted to office space and job sites before the pandemic have now joined the at-home workforce. The WFH culture has not only made things easier but gives you more leisure time now. Unfortunately, that additional time easily equates to more sedentary time.  

Whether you work from home or not, if your working schedule requires you to sit for hours at a time, it’s important to make some effort throughout your day to avoid health implications, such as an increased risk of cancer. In fact, breaking up a long period of sitting with little exercise can boost your overall fitness and health.

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Over the course of an eight-hour day, what if you got up and moved your body for three minutes every hour, that would be 24 minutes of exercise daily while working. And if you add another 10 minutes of walking or stair climbing then it would be 34 minutes of daily exercise. If followed daily, that will over the weekly threshold of 150 minutes, recommended by the World Health organization, without even setting a foot in the gym. 

Here’s a well-drafted practical plan to do three-minute movement exercises during the breaks and eight-hour workday.

Get up, Sit down and Repeat

It’s important to move from the chair and get up at least once an hour. One of the easiest and simplest moving is to make the act of getting up from your chair and sitting down turned into exercise. Normally, coaches and trainers call this a box squat, it starts from standing in front of your chair and slowly sitting down. Try to make contact with the seat without putting your full weight on it. After it, drive through your feet, his and legs to stand back up. Repeat the movement for full three minutes at your own pace. 

In the mood for a dance break

Well, this is the most fun exercise and elevates your energy. In the afternoon after lunch, it’s normal for both mental and physical energy to wane. Instead of having an extra cup of coffee or energy drink, it’s better to revitalize yourself from a dance break to one of your favorite songs. On average, most songs are for three to four minutes, which gives you more time to cover your hourly movement quota. Just turn the music on and let your body move to the beats.

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Standing movements while meetings

WFH also comes with a number of virtual meetings, it’s a rare sight to have a workday without any such meetings. During those meetings, try to do balance your standing. First of all, position your screen on a higher surface, so that you can comfortably stand for your meeting. While standing, spend few minutes softly marching in the place or try shifting your weight from one foot to another to work on your balance.

Don’t forget to walk

One of the most accessible, total-body, fat-burning exercises is walking. Try to take at least a 10-minute walk outside, if the weather is not favorable then consider this simple 11-minute at-home workout as an alternative. With 24 minutes of movement break, adding a six-minute walk will give you a nice 30-minute mark for daily exercise. After one week of practicing these exercises, you will definitely see a boost in your overall health and fitness.