The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday capped the prices of three vaccines available in India — Covishield, Covaxin, and Sputnik V — at Rs 780, Rs 1,410, and Rs 1,145 for private hospitals respectively, news agency ANI reported.

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“It is unacceptable that hospitals charge Rs 1,600 or even Rs 4,000 for vaccines that cost Rs 600. They must limit their price,” said Niti Aayog’s Dr VK Paul, as quoted by The Economic Times.

The maximum service charge that can be levied by hospitals has been capped at Rs 150, as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. 

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The service charge limitation has been implemented in an effort to keep vaccine prices in check and speed up India’s vaccination campaign.

Prices of vaccinations have been revised across manufacturing companies after Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a price limitation on service costs for Covid-19 vaccinations at private hospitals on Monday.

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PM Modi stated that the Centre has chosen to acquire 75% of vaccines from manufacturers for free distribution to states, while private sector hospitals would continue to acquire 25% of vaccines but cannot charge more than Rs 150 per dosage beyond the pre-determined price.