This is the 18th year of the world’s lower “8” cycle. According to Yi Jing, the 60-year period between 1984 and 2043 is a “fire-wind cauldron,” whereas the year 2022 is a “water-fire completion.”


(1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938)

This is the year of the Tiger. Relationships that are volatile should be avoided. At times, there may be legal difficulties. There is, however, a dominating learning indication. This is an excellent year for learning and education. The travel sign would also make it easier to relocate, travel, or change jobs.

Work: Both the educational and spiritual sectors are important to you. Teaching and religion, as well as analytical jobs such as IT, accounting, legal, or holding public office, are all good companies.

Wealth: There should be no gambling. Simply stick to your regular income.

Relationships: Your relationships could be a little shaky. This may not be the best year to tie the knot.

Health: It’s possible that minor ailments are unavoidable. Get plenty of rest and exercise.

The Tiger is also an active player who is focused on the well-being of the people; as a result, he will hit the ground running each day in his pursuit of his objectives.

This is the form the Tiger intends to take in 2022, and as a result, the people will follow his lead.

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The water Tiger has webbed feet that enable him to ride the rapids and tackle the challenges with no time to spare for gazing behind or picking up straddlers, so take advantage of the opportunity to join the Tiger’s enthusiasm or lose out.

As far as the Tiger is concerned, the time has come to seize the opportunities that come your way or risk missing out, as there is no time for procrastination. It’s important to realise that opportunities don’t come along very often.

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The Tiger is associated with the Northeast and the month of February, both of which are associated with new beginnings. The sun begins its new day’s journey in the northeast, and although it is not yet visible beyond the horizon, the adventure has begun.

February is the Chinese calendar’s first month of spring, and it’s also the month of the Tiger, giving him a double dose of the Tiger’s vitality to kick off his New Year’s resolutions.

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Because the year’s leader resides in the northeast, it’s critical to treat this part of your property with respect. Blocking the northeast, for example, with heavy furniture or a messy garage, will prevent your efforts from taking off. In the northeast, construction and building extensions must be carefully considered, as breaking the ground and disturbing the leader will halt any progress the project has achieved. The ideal policy is to keep the space light, bright, and well-kept, as if it were appropriate for a king.