In a pandemic-stricken world, it is essential to strengthen your immunity and heal your body after recovering from the novel coronavirus. Yoga, an ancient discipline involving breath work, techniques and body arches, is said to have beneficial effects in healing the body. According to celebrity yoga expert Anshuka Parwani, various yoga poses, and techniques can help the body build its strength back after recovering from coronavirus.

Anshuka, who often trains Bollywood biggies like Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan took to Instagram to share seven pointers for COVID-19 recovery.

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 The first pointer is Pranayama and breathwork, which involves breathing techniques like Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom and Bhastrika to improve lung capacity.

 The second pointer talks about belly breathing, which helps aid anxiety and reduce stress levels. In the video, Anshuka can be seen instructing actor Rakul Preet about the process.

The third pointer talks about ‘sama vritti breathing’ that regulates and balances breathing in and out.

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The fourth pointer discusses the method of box breathing through a video of a box moving from one corner to another. The instructions read, “breathe in, hold, breathe out”.

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The fifth pointer involves simple stretches and asanas, such as the cat pose, cow pose, butterfly pose, seated pigeon pose, side stretch and the wind release pose. The poses can be easily learned via the instructions and pictures provided in the post.

The sixth pointer discusses lower back stretches to relieve lower back muscle tension. Six poses are shown via images.

 The last pointer includes asanas or poses for stress relief, including the low lunge, seated, bridge, puppy, garland, and cow pose. 

According to Parwani, the seven-pointer guide can help rejuvenate the body after COVID-19 recovery. The yoga and wellness coach also shared a disclaimer to always consult a doctor before beginning any new fitness routines or yoga practices.

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Parwani, who goes by ‘anshukayoga’ on Instagram often shares yoga, ayurveda and other wellness routines with her 2,28,000 Instagram followers.