Melania Trump made her maiden campaign appearance in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. She said the American spirit is stronger than the deadly coronavirus and President Donald Trump is a fighter, reported news agency PTI.

“Donald is a fighter. He loves this country and he fights for you every single day,” PTI quoted Melania.

“For the first time in history, the citizens of this country get to hear directly and instantly from their President every single day through social media. I don’t always agree to the way he says things, but it is important to him that he speaks directly to the people he serves,” she added.

During her campaign, Melania said she has experienced the first-hand effects of COVID-19 like many of them, not only as a patient but as a “worried mother and wife”.

“I know there are many people who have lost their loved ones or know people who have been forever impacted by this silent enemy – my family’s thoughts and prayers are with all of you through this difficult time,” she said.

“We all know the American spirit is stronger than this virus. We have proven that we can and will overcome this unexpected challenge. Thank you to all who have stepped up and helped in this uncertain time. To the frontline workers — teachers, healthcare professionals, and many more — my husband and I are grateful to you. You continue to make a difference every single day,” she said.

The First Lady accused the democrats of having chosen to put their own agenda ahead of the American people’s well-being.

“Instead, they attempt to create a divide – a divide on something that should be non-partisan and non-controversial. A divide that causes confusion and fear instead of hope and security. That is not leadership,” she said.

“Let us also not forget what the democrats chose to focus on when COVID-19 first came into our country. While the President was taking decisive actions to keep the American people safe, the democrats were wasting American tax-payer dollars in a sham impeachment. They cared more about removing our elected president.,” Melania said.

“Meanwhile, I watched Donald continue to work hard to keep people informed and calm, to protect our economy, and make hard and unpopular decisions to do all he could to keep us all safe. This sham was led by the opposition and their display of hatred is on to this day. Children watching and learning about politics in our country deserved a better display of political responsibility and respect for our sacred institutions,” she added.

“Joe Biden attacked President Trump’s decision to put the American people first and closing travel from China. He called it ‘Xenophobic hysteria’. Now he suggests he could have done a better job. Well, the American people can look at Joe Biden’s 36 years in Congress and eight years in the vice presidency and determine whether they think he’ll finally be able to get something done for the American people,” the First Lady said as she slammed Biden in her speech.

Melania also used the occasion to slam the media for their coverage of her husband.

“Before my husband decided to run for president, the media loved him because they saw the man that I see every day — someone tough, successful and fair. A man who sees potential in everyone he meets, no matter their gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. A man who has a very big heart and a great sense of humour. Donald loves helping people and he loves seeing those around him and his country succeed,” she said.

“But when he decided to run for the presidency as a Republican, the media created a different picture of my husband — one I didn’t recognize — and treated all his supporters with equal disdain. The media has chosen to focus on stories of idle gossip and palace intrigue by editorialising real events and policies with their own bias and agendas.

“For instance, my initiative, BE BEST, has one main goal — helping children. Yet the media has chosen to take the attention away from children and focus on only the negative,” she rued.

“But that will not stop me to do what is right. Like my husband, we are not the politicians who have worked in Washington for too long. And just like my husband, I am here to make a difference for you and your families. It has been the greatest honour and privilege to serve as the First Lady of this amazing country. It has allowed me an opportunity unlike any other,” she said.

Melania said the next four years are vital for the country.

“These next four years are vital. Our President continues to move this country forward. The United States is a country of hope, not of fear. Under Donald’s leadership, our economy has soared, our borders are safer. We have stayed out of new conflicts and worked to end wars,” she said.

“We have destroyed terrorists who attacked this country and our allies under the last administration and have made historic peace deals in the Middle East, which makes the world safer. We are respected again. We still have strong alliances around the world – and these allies are now doing their fair share globally,” the First Lady said.

She said her husband is the man who will lead the country and empower to make that greater future together.

“Donald Trump will expand and grow the economy and keep us safe. Joe Biden’s policies and socialist agenda will only serve to destroy America and all that has been built in the past four years. We must keep Donald in the White House so that he can finish what he has started and our country can continue to flourish,” she said.