While a lump or mass in a person’s breast
is the most common and easily identifiable symptom of breast cancer there are
several other ways of doing self-examination. Getting examined by a doctor is
always the best way to go in order to remain calm as most lumps – over 80
percent – are not actually cancer.

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5 symptoms of breast cancer other than a
lump are:

Changes in the skin texture

Inflammation and changes in the skin cells
can lead to having a different texture. These changes are often caused due to
breast cancer and include scaly skin around the nipple and areola or skin
thickening in any part of the breast.

These symptoms are found in those with a
rare kind of breast cancer called Paget’s disease.

Nipple discharge

Nipple discharge can be thick or thin and vary
in colour – it may be clear, milky, yellow green or red. People who are
breastfeeding will often see a milky discharge from the nipple but any other
discharge must be investigated by a doctor. While most kind of discharges are non-cancerous,
precaution is better than cure.

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Skin dimpling can be a sign of inflammatory
breast cancer. The dimpled skin often resembles the surface of an orange and
doctors refer to this change in appearance as “peau d’orange”. Build-up of
lymph fluid due to the presence of cancer cells leads to swelling as well as
dimpling of the skin.


If your spin appears to have a bluish or
purple or red tint without any explanation such as experiencing recent trauma
then you should seek medical advice. Even is trauma was the cause behind the
discolouration then a person should see a doctor.

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Nipple retraction

Changes due to breast cancer can cause the
nipples to invert into the breast. A difference in size may be observed. While
the nipple’s appearance might alter during ovulation or other parts of the
menstrual cycle, one should see a doctor if that happens untimely.