Post-Diwali the air quality in Delhi has entered the hazardous category. Airborne PM2.5 can cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases such as lung cancer. As the pollution levels surge, people, especially elders and children, face problems like difficulty in breathing, cough, cold, congestion, allergies, and headache.

Complaints of itchy and burning sensation in the eyes also become very common when pollution levels surge. Smog causes eye problems, allergies, and burning sensation in the eyes.

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Continuous exposure to smog might cause a burning sensation, sore eyes, watery eyes, dry eyes, redness, and blurry vision. No matter how much you try, staying indoors all the time is not possible.

Here are some quick and effective remedies that can help you to get some relief:

Reduce your screen time: Apart from 8 to 10 hours at work, avoid  excessive use of screen devices, including mobile phones and laptops. Give your eyes adequate periods of rest to avoid eye fatigue, dry eyes, and computer vision syndrome. You can take five to ten minutes break every one or two hours and relax your eyes.

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Wash your eyes several times: This is an old but effective remedy to get relief from reddish eyes and burning sensation in the eyes. After you come in from outside, sprinkle some water on your eyes. You can do this  several times a day to get relief from allergies caused by smog and air pollution.

Use eye drops regularly: Lubricate your eyes with eye drops, these are readily available at every chemist. However, it’s important to get your eyes examined before using eye drops.

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Stay hydrated & use cold compress: Drink a lot of fluids as intake of water is best for the body and eyes. It not only keeps you hydrated but also flushes out harmful toxins and waste from the body. Inflammation caused to the eyes can be eased  with the help of cool compress. To get rid of itchiness and inflammation of the eye, a general cool compress such as a clean cloth soaked in cold water comes in handy or you can also use some ice cubes wrapped in a clean cotton cloth. Apply the cubes to your eyes to ease the burning sensation caused by pollution.