Liver King, whose original name is Brian Johnson, is a social media fitness influencer who has kept claiming that his buffed up body has been made by natural means, and that he has never used any form of steroid. However, his claims have now been busted by a YouTube channel called More Plates More Dates.

The channel has shared some allegedly leaked emails that detail the steroid routine of the muscular Johnson. Earlier, podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan had also remarked that Johnson most likely takes a lot of steroids since his massive size is nearly impossible to gain using natural methods.

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Derek, who is the presenter of the channel More Plates More Dates, has revealed that personal emails exchanged between him and Liver King’s team listed that he uses steroids worth $10,000 every month. The drugs Johnson allegedly consumes include IGF, CGC, Omnitrop, Decca, Winstrol, and Test syp.

Who is Brian Johnson, also known as Liver King?

Liver King is a 44-year-old Texas native. He became popular on social media for his impressive feats of strength and a diet comprising of raw, uncooked meat. 

Besides posting videos on social media and appearing on podcasts, Johnson also sells a number of supplementary products. He is an advocate of a lifestyle that was practised by early humans. According to Johnson, everyone who wishes to be fit and healthy should follow an “ancestral lifestyle”. One of his brands of supplements are also called Ancestral Supplements.

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Johnson reportedly consumes protein shakes made of raw animal organs, a pound each of sea salt and animal liver, and even the occasional animal testicle.

Some of Johnson’s videos on Instagram have also been called out as fake by some of his followers. In one video he is seen apparently pulling a truck with his teeth. But in the comments, fans mocked him by saying that it was evident there was no tension in the chain with which he was pulling the vehicle. Some even claimed that there are people behind the truck who are pushing it for him.

Liver King has two songs- Stryker and Savage “Liver Boy” Rad.