Oscar Isaac will be seen in "Moon Knight", one of the lesser-known but most fascinating costumed characters in the Marvel pantheon of heroes, in his own Disney+ solo series. Marvel Studios has revealed nothing about the show and is keeping the plot under wraps for the moment, but we know that Isaac will be seen as Marc Spector in "Moon Knight" whenever the show eventually debuts on the streaming service.

And another exciting and surprising aspect of the show will be Ethan Hawke's involvement. The critically acclaimed actor does not typically pick comic book roles. But Hawke recently revealed the specific reason behind why he signed on for "Moon Knight".

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He revealed the reason he signed for the show on Late Night with Seth Meyers. First of all, he pointed out that he has signed "10,000 NDAs" about the project and cannot really talk about it. Hawke revealed that it was Isaac who brought him on board for "Moon Knight."

"I heard about it from Oscar Isaac, who lives like, you know, three blocks down from me in Brooklyn," Hawke told Mayers.

For the non-familiar fans, the character of Marc Spector is an ex-CIA operative and mercenary who was left for dead in Egypt by his employer. Luckily he was saved by the Egyptian god, Khonshu, who tasked him with becoming his avatar on Earth. Marc Spector also has a form of dissociative identity disorder and has created several different personalities that he uses as part of his crime-fighting career. The show could take the fans to some very, very strange places.