Renowned singer Megha Chopra, who has come up with her new festival on the occasion of Lohri titled ‘Lohri Aundi Lohri’, says that the track is her way to “bring cheer, positivity and hope to the festival."

“…especially seeing the plight of the farmers recently and what they are going through. Lohri is all about celebrating our farmers (sic),” Chopra told Opoyi.

Elaborating further on Farmers protest against the new Farm Laws, she said, “I am hoping that Government and the farmers come up with a solution, which is mutually beneficial. I have written it all through my You Tube description that they are our 'anndatas'. We thrive and survive only because of them. The sooner we see them off this grief and respite, it will be wonderful. I also hope that they listen to this cheerful song and at least for a moment they feel positive and celebrate the change of season.

“ This Lohri will not just mark the end of winter, it will also mark the end of their grief, the pain that this community has suffered.”

Chopra has recreated the traditional folk song ‘Sundar Mundariye’ with a modern twist for the new age audience and according to her, the song will give you major festive vibes in this season of harvest.

Talking about the inspiration behind the song, she says that it comes very naturally.

“I am very very Indian to the core. I have grown up in an environment where these rituals, customs, and these festivities were important. I just wanted to crack this opportunity, which unfortunately the COVID-19 times presented to me where everyone and the environment is so melancholic. Everyone is in pain, depressed, and very negative,” she said.

The singer also says that the bigger purpose was to connect the generation Z to ancient rituals and festivals.

“For our children and the youngsters, Lohri is all about bonfire so just to reconnect the Millenials and generation Z that these are little things that are associated with lohri was the idea, “she said.

Chopra has also penned a heartfelt poem in 2020 to spread the message of positivity, and provide a sliver of hope to all the survivors especially the ones suffering from gender-based violence during the lockdown.

She says that the year gone came as a silver lining.

“When the pandemic broke out and we all confined to our houses, I started writing a lot of poems and in every cloud has a silver lining, it is how you look at this. For me, it was just about finding that opportunity. I found positivity even in a negative time and I think I just cracked it. For me, it was coming together of an opportunity and the consumption value of my deliverables,” she concluded.