Google Earth can sometimes provide stunning views of some of the most remote locations. You can also get a preview of some of the most iconic places you are yet to take a vacation to, or try looking for the homes of the world’s most famous celebrities. Now, one TikTok user’s discovery of a location that looks straight out a horror film has gone viral on social media.

The creators of the TikTok account ‘’ find some of the most surreal locations across the world, many of them that can qualify as anomalies, and share them with their over 2.6 million followers, according to a report in Yahoo Life.

They also have an account on Instagram, where they have over 104,000 followers. 

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In one of their recent posts, they have found something which was described as “something straight out of horror movie”.

The photo is from a location in Drenthe in the Netherlands, which shows the view straight down a road flanked by trees on both sides. On the road is a black gate, beyond which, there seems to be a person dressed in black.

Many users thought the image was faked, although you can see it for yourself on Google Earth. Some others seemed to be creeped out by the image, with one user commenting, “I’m going to have nightmares”.

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“Just a ghost, they're everywhere,” another user said.

There were also those who were not affected by the image, with one user saying, “It's just an old woman, it's not scary, don't worry”. “Oh my god, some random person walking, wait what, in a street?” another said sarcastically.

According to Google Maps, the image is from 2016 and if you take a look at the other side of the road, there are two people cycling on the path. Drenthe is a province in northeast Netherlands.