Travis Montgomery developed various coping mechanisms on the show “Station 19” to deal with the death of his husband Michael. We see many episodes in which the firefighter openly discusses his unwavering negative feelings and loneliness.

His character depicts the difficulties faced by a grieving individual who has lost a loved one. 

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The only episode in Station 19” which focuses on Travis’ and Michael’s lives before Michael passes away was "Ice Ice Baby”. The episode starts on a heart-warming note-taking us through their lives. We get a peek into Travis being sensitive and thoroughly happy as opposed to the negative demeanour Travis is usually in. 

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The flashbacks capture how Travis and Michael fought for Travis's parents' acceptance and their attempts to tackle his dad's homophobic views. Although the couple poured incredible effort his parents still ended up boycotting their wedding. 

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Michael passes away in a tragic event in 2015. The incident transpires at his workplace following the wrong instructions given to him by the newly appointed captain of the team. We later see how this tragedy negatively impacts Travis’ workplace ethic and extra-cautious attitude. 

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