KBC Offline Quiz (August 26, 2021): How many brain does a leech have?

The options are:

1- 29

2- 32 

3- 51

4- 49

Answer: 32

Leech, which is an annelid, has a body of segregated 32 segments and each of these segments has brains. However, unlike typical annelids, leech’s external and internal segmentation do not correspond to each other.

If the internal body of a leech is examined, it can be seen that the body is divided into 32 parts or segments which have their own corresponding brain. Each of these segments possesses its own neuronal ganglia that are linked with the next segment.

Leeches are segmented as parasitic or predatory worms. The majority of leeches live in freshwater habitats, while some species can be found in terrestrial or marine environments. SOme leeches are also used for medicinal purposes, these include Hirudo medicinalis. The jaws of the leeches are used to pierce the skin are replaced in other species by a proboscis which is pushed into the skin. A minority of leech species are predatory, mostly preying on small invertebrates.     

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