The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has also impacted children a lot especially when they are forced to stay indoors. In a time of social distancing, the little ones are definitely missing a lot of learnings that come while exploring the world around them and playing with their peers.


So here are some of the smart activities that you as a parent can explore with your kids and help them explore the world without stepping out.


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The list has been prepared by UNICEF along with LEGO foundations.


Babies 0-9 months


Peek-a-boo!: All you need to play this game is your hands and your voice. Sit with your baby, raise your hands or a piece of cloth to cover your face, then remove them and say “peek-a-boo!” Your little one will delight in watching you disappear and reappear.


See and say: Point to different things around the house while naming and describing them. “See the cat? That’s an orange cat.” This will help to build his language skills while strengthening your bond with the child.


Family band: Sing songs with your baby and create musical instruments from safe objects you find around the house. Music helps with sensory development and of course, brings a smile to your kid's face.


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Toddlers 1-2 years


Boxcar: Find an empty box or carton and place your child in it safely with some soft blankets to keep her comfortable. Then, pull the box around while making car noises. If space is limited, you can still have the same effect by moving the box from side to side and making noises together.


Free draw: Give your baby some crayons and paper and let them explore their artistic caliber.  


Ball pass: Grab a softball and roll it back and forth with your toddler. This back-and-forth play is great for confidence building and teaches her that you will respond to her actions.


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Pre-school children 3-4 years


Dress up: Grab some different fabrics and clothing and encourage your little one to make a costume out of what you have. You can later play a game with that costume.


“I’m going to catch you!”: Play the “I’m going to catch you!” game around the house by playfully chasing your child around your living space.


Name that noise: Make different animal noises and have him guess which animal you’re pretending to be.


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