Fear, grief and shame. This is what the young people think about climate change and its worsening effect on the planet. In a new climate change survey on young people, it was found that climate change, in fact, has a role to play in their anxiety. Around 60% of young people, who were approached for the survey expressed worry.

As per a BBC report, out of those questioned, 45% said that climate change affected their daily lives. While three-quarters of them said the future is frightening, 56% of them said they think humanity is doomed.

Meanwhile, two-thirds expressed sadness, fear and anxiety. At the same time, many felt anger, grief and shame. But there was a certain section who were hopeful, as well.

One 16-year-old said: "It's different for young people - for us, the destruction of the planet is personal."

The survey was carried out across 10 countries and was led by Bath University. The survey claims that it is the biggest of its kind as it received responses from more than 10,000 people between 16 and 25.

While there were emotions of fear and concern, many felt betrayed, ignored and abandoned by politicians and adults.

Caroline Hickman from Bath University told BBC News: "This shows eco-anxiety is not just for environmental destruction alone, but inextricably linked to government inaction on climate change. The young feel abandoned and betrayed by governments.

"We're not just measuring how they feel, but what they think. Four out of 10 are hesitant to have children," she added.

The survey added that the youths are perplexed by governments' failure to act, saying, environmental fears are "profoundly affecting huge numbers of young people".

It maintained that chronic stress over climate change is climbing, reporting a rise in the risk of mental and physical problems. As per the study, weather declining has an effect on mental health.

The report maintained that the young are affected by climate change fear as they are developing psychologically, socially and physically problems.

"Governments need to listen to the science and not pathologise young people who feel anxious," Caroline added.

According to a BBC report, this is how young people responded to the questions:

People failed to care for the planet: 83% agreed globally, UK 80%

The future is frightening: 75%, UK 72%

Governments failing young people: 65%, UK 65%

Governments can be trusted: 31%, UK 28%