The Buffalo Bills thumped the Kansas City Chiefs during Sunday Night Football at the Arrowhead Stadium, sending shockwaves around the Chiefs’ home turf and making a case for themselves to be the best in AFC. 

The Bills dominated the contest in a 38-20 win against the Chiefs, off the shoulders of quarterback Josh Allen who delivered big in a game that saw its second half delayed 62 minutes by severe weather.

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While Allen had a night to remember, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wasn’t at his usual best for the home side.

Mahomes reflected on his and his team’s performance in the post-game interview, saying that the team needs to come together as one and reassess their mistakes against the Bills.

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“It's about coming together as a team, because in this league it's not about good players, it's about good teams. We have to do that and then rather find a way, we have a tough schedule we got to win now.”

“But definitely this is one you're going to remember. And so that's a good football team, don't get me wrong, but we don't lose football games like that, especially at home,” Mahomes said.

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Mahomes also addressed the turnovers and interceptions that pulled the game away from the Chiefs and in favour of the Bills.

“Yeah, I mean, it starts with me I mean I think three of them were on me I mean interceptions and then the fumble at the end of the game. And so I have to correct that I have to be better. Something that I've not usually done in my career..”

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Mahomes took responsibility for the recent rash of turnovers against the Bills.

“I have to be better.”

“I have to reevaluate where I'm at, the decisions I'm making."

Patrick Mahomes scored a 70.9 QB rating with 272 pass yards, two pass touchdowns, two interceptions against Josh Allen’s 139.3 QB rating with 316 Pass Yards, three pass and rush touchdowns each.