“It’s okay to beat your wife up in closed doors an abuse her but it’s not okay if it’s shown on the web,” questions young filmmaker Aneeta Patel when asked about her take on the rise of abusive languages and bold scenes in web series nowadays.

“Eve teasing, rape, murder, stop these numbers from rising instead and if the web is responsible for all of mankind, let’s make shows on the Bhagavat Gita, the Quran, and Bible (sic),”A she told Opoyi in an interview.

Many will remember Aneeta as the girl who starred in hit south Indian films like ‘Girlfriend' and 'Abbay Premlo Padaddu' but soon she realised that being behind the camera is something that she enjoys the most and thus was born her production company 'That Girl Who Makes Films'. Under her banner, three short films – ‘She's D One’, ‘The Bar’ and ‘The Meeeting’- has got a great response.

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Talking about digital mediums opening doors for many young makers like her, she said that “it’s amazing.”

“At least we the newer lot aren’t re-writing films from the ’80s. We have new fresh and original ideas and are better than shows on Netflix that are being trolled in spite of the big names associated with it,” she said.

Aneeta’s latest work is a web series titled ‘Girl Talk’  that depicts women leads as an alpha female who are unapologetic about their feelings and sensuality.

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Talking about why the show is important in today’s time, she said that it’s important to be unapologetic about your feelings and desires.

“ …all tv shows have women been slapped and treated like crap with great TRP’s but if your daughter was married in such a family would you still be the audience and watch? I hope not. The Girls in ‘Girl Talk’ are no-nonsense women who won’t only make you a roti (bread) with a belan (rolling pin) but whack the shit out of you if push comes to shove ,” she said.

The show is also for the guys who are curious to know what goes on behind closed doors in girls room.

“Don’t look for your mother in your partner, instead search for someone who you can enjoy the ride with. Your mother is going to stick around no matter what but a strong woman won’t. Men need to understand this and be open to change and get out of their comfort zone,” she said.

When asked if women of today, especially female makers, have got more liberty and space to explore their creative best keeping in mind so many female-driven shows, she said that why is there a gender difference, to begin with.

“… isn’t creativity about a great script at the end of the day?  instead of the women being the victim and eventually after being humiliated coming out to survive, I think it’s time we tell stories about women who already are strong and successful. Let’s have stories where we watch men handle these women,” she said

She also concluded by saying that the artist in her is getting better at her craft and who knows what the future holds as far as her acting is concerned.