Urging the Centre to hand over the management of the much-sought after oxygen supplies to 'brilliant' minds from IIM and IIT, the Delhi High Court on Tuesday said that they will do a better job. The remark came during a hearing on cases linked to shortages of key medicines and oxygen needed to counter the raging COVID-19 pandemic in Delhi.

"Today the whole country is crying for oxygen. The Court suggests Centre to involve experts and brilliant minds from IIMs on oxygen supply... will do a much better job if you (Centre) hand over the management of oxygen tankers to IIT or IIM," the court said, reports ANI.

In another case, the court sought responses of the Centre and the Delhi government on a plea to temporarily increase the number of cremation and burial sites in the city.

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The court directed the authorities to consider data provided by the petitioner, Pratyush Prasanna, while filing their replies. In his plea the petitioner has claimed that "due to an acute shortage of hospital beds and other necessities such as testing kits and oxygen supply, there have been an overwhelming number of deaths in the country, especially Delhi."

The petitioner added that as a result, the cremation sites and burial grounds were full. He added that a lot of time was spent waiting at these sites to bury or cremate  the dead.