The new stills show the Maejukheon Art Competition set, which has become buzzed about as a result of Hong Chun Gi's surprising acts. Hong Chun Gi is depicted in the photograph as deathly pale and resentful of Prince Yangmyeong. On her knees, Hong Chun Gi looks to be asking for help, indicating the seriousness of her predicament. Prince Yangmyeong seems shocked by Hong Chun Gi's abrupt and unexpected move, and his face stiffens coldly. Between them, there is a strained mood that raises doubts about the forthcoming episode.

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In comparison to their previous invigorating encounter, Hong Chun Gi and Prince Yangmyeong's relationship has taken a turn for the worse. Prince Yangmyeong had previously thought Hong Chun Gi was nasty, yet he still chuckled at her cute mistake. Prince Yangymyeong, on the other hand, appears to be behaving chilly as a result of the painting by Hong Chun Gi. He meticulously analyses Hong Chun Gi's painting, viewers' interest in what she could have painted.

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The upcoming episode reveals how Prince Yangmyeong will review Hong Chun Gi’s painting and why he’s looking so coldly at her. The production team shared, “On this day, a large commotion will occur on the competition grounds due to Hong Chun Gi. Please keep watch until the end while sending support to find out the fate of Hong Chun Gi, who is in danger of being eliminated at the painting competition of her dreams.”

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