For most Palestinians living around the West Bank region, getting on a plane is a dream due to the absence of a civilian airport in the region. But these two Palestinian twin brothers came up with an interesting solution to this problem and brought a plane to them. Interestingly, in the form of a restaurant. 

Khamis al-Sairafi and his brother Ata have converted an old Boeing 707 aircraft into a cafe and restaurant in the northern city of Nablus to offer West Bank residents a chance to board a plane.

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On being asked what makes their idea so popular among the people, Khamis al-Sairafi, "99% of Palestinians have never used an airplane. Only our ambassadors, diplomats, ministers, and mayors use them. Now they see an airplane and it is something for them."

Here is a glimpse of the brothers' hotel on airplane wheels.

The brothers revealed that the airplane restaurant is an outcome of their 25 years of effort and hard work. They inaugurated the place this year in July.

Customers who have visited the place said that they were fascinated by the pictures of the place circulating online that show a plane beautifully transformed into a place for drinks and dining.

"For a long time, I have wanted to see this place. I wish I had seen this place before it was turned into a café," a customer Majdi Khalid told AP.

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The 60-year-old twin brothers dreamt of transforming the plane into a cafe in the late 1990s when Khamis saw the derelict Boeing aircraft near the northern Israeli city of Safed.

The plane with a rich history was later bought by three Israeli business partners who dreamed of turning it into a restaurant, but the project was abandoned following disagreements with local authorities, AP reported.

The brothers then tracked down one of the owners and agreed to purchase the aircraft for $100,000 in 1999. They spent an additional $50,000 for licenses, permits, and to transport it to the West Bank.

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Their airplane cafe is already open and functioning while the restaurant is expected to get running in the next month. They plan to install a kitchen below the body of the plane to serve food to customers on board.

(With inputs from Associated Press)