Yoo Dong Man had already been arrested for leaking the exams ahead of the final exam. To save him, Kang Sun Ho, Oh Kang Hee, No Bum Tae (Lee Dal), and Jo Joon Wook (Yoo Young Jae) collaborated. They were overjoyed when they were able to show that Park Chul Jin (Song Jin Woo) was the true perpetrator, but Yoo Dong Man, in order to protect his partner, lied and claimed that he was the perpetrator. Park Chul Jin, on the other hand, come forward and acknowledged he was the mastermind behind everything.

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Unpredictable drama Kang Sun Ho has released new stills featuring Kang Sun Ho as well as Oh Kang Hee, No Bum Tae and Jo Joon Wook on September 6. As a result of their uniforms, the four of them had stern looks on their faces.

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In Yoo Dong Man's office, they stomp their feet and stare blankly at the wall with surprise and despair in their eyes. They're gloomy and dejected, and they're beginning to wonder what led them to be stunned into silence in the first place.

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The production team shared, “In today’s broadcast, the four freshmen who boasted perfect teamwork will come across a red light in their cooperative investigation. Please tune in to the drama to see if the professors and students of the police school will give into the forces of evil that are suffocating them or join forces once more.”