Railway Board Chairman, VK Yadav, on Saturday said that 80 new special trains will be operational from September 12. This will run in addition to the 230 trains which are already in operation. The reservations for the train will begin on September 10.

According to a PTI report, Yadav said the trains
will be notified later.

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“Eighty new
special trains or 40 pairs of trains will start operations from September 12.
Reservations will begin from September 10. This will run in addition to the 230
trains already in operation,” Yadav said.

Yadav said the
Railways will be monitoring all the trains that are currently in operation to
determine which trains have long waiting list.

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“Wherever there
is a demand for a particular train, wherever the waiting list is long, we will
run a clone train ahead of the actual train, so that passengers can
travel,” the railway board chairman said.

Yadav also said the Railways will run trains
whenever there is demand from states for exams or other similar purposes.

“Immediate action for removing garbage along tracks taken jointly by Delhi govt, Railways in line with SC order,” Yadav further added.

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Despite a few tenders and land acquisition being affected by the pandemic, Yadav also mentioned that the Bullet train project is progressing well.

“Within 3-6 months, when we get definite status of land, bullet train project completion timeframe can be worked out,” Yadav added.