Amazon Quiz (30th Sept 2021): Nishad Kumar won a silver medal for India at the Tokyo Paralympics in which of these events?

a) Men’s discus F52

b) Men’s high jump T47

c) Men’s Javelin F46

d) Men’s Javelin F64

Answer: (b) Men’s high jump T47

Nishad Kumar took silver in the men’s high jump T47
category, giving India its second medal at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020. Nishad
finished second in the event behind Roderick Townsend of the United States, who
recorded the best leap of 2.06m.

Nishad’s effort of 2.06m was also an Asian record.

Townsend, the gold medalist, broke his own world record
(2.14m) in the event, clearing the 2.15m barrier.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Nishad on
his incredible feat on Twitter, “More joyful news comes from Tokyo!
Absolutely delighted that Nishad Kumar wins the Silver medal in Men’s High Jump
T47. He is a remarkable athlete with outstanding skills and tenacity.
Congratulations to him” wrote the PM.

Nishad described his mother as his “biggest
inspiration” in an interview with the Times of India. He remembered how
she had stayed firm in the midst of his lean patches.

“My mother had been a state-level volleyball player and a
discus-thrower. Ever since I understood sports, I have always looked up to her,
and after my hand was amputated, she never made me feel that I lacked in
anything. This silver is for her.”

The T-47 is a disability sport classification in
athletics that is primarily for athletes with amputations below the elbow or

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