Amazon Quiz: The #benderaputih (white flag) campaign has gained momentum on social media in which country?

a) Thailand

b) Sri Lanka

c) Malaysia

d) Nepal

Answer: Malaysia

The White Flag movement became popular in Malaysia during the lockdown. Families experiencing hunger or in need of aid are invited to wave a white flag or place a piece of white fabric outside their houses as part of the white flag movement during the lockdown to signify that they require assistance. Neighbors and good samaritans will be able to find them if they see the white flag.

People may see a map of Malaysia where active food banks are highlighted on the Sambal SOS app, which was originally named the Bendera Putih app. This aims to make it easier for individuals to find food banks. Some Penang fishermen are also assisting the community by distributing fresh fish to needy households.

White flags are used as a surrender or truce sign all throughout the world. The Cambridge dictionary describes a white flag as “a flag that is raised to signify that you accept defeat or do not plan to attack.”

Malaysians aren’t the only ones using this emblem to express their sorrow and food insecurity as a result of the outbreak.

Last year, the journal Social Text reported that “white flags have appeared all over the social terrain as indictments of a failed political and economic system whose primary effect for common people has been to endure a life of dehumanization, precarity, and marginalisation” in some Central American countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

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