Amazon Quiz: This is the flag of which country?




North Macedonia

Answer: North Macedonia 

Macedonia, or North Macedonia, has a history of flying various flags since the time it was part of the Republic of Yugoslavia. During the 1945 Communist era, Macedonia went with the red flag having a yellow-bordered star in the canton. 

The Communist flag unfurled in November 1991 but was replaced by the “starburst” flag after the nation gained independence. 

Notably, the starburst was first used by Alexander the Great and his father, Philip II of Macedon, in the 4th century BCE. 

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This symbolic display of the dynasty was opposed by the Greeks, who didn’t want the star to be another country’s flag. This forced Macedonia to abandon the previous design and opt for the red and “golden sun” design, which looks quite inspired by the starburst. 

However, the new design is mentioned in its coat of arms and the national anthem. 

With its capital at Skopje, North Macedonia is surrounded by countries on all sides. Kosovo and Serbia lie to the north, while Bulgaria is in the east. To the south is Greece and Albania lies in the west. 

Its location makes Macedonia close to major communication junctions like the north-south route from the Danube River to the Aegean. 

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While Macedonians track their family lines to Slavic tribes, Albanians remain the largest and most important minority. 

In the nation, military service is voluntary. The army forms the principal component, with augmentations including Air Wing, the Special Operations Regiment, and Logistic Support Command.

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