A judge from Argentina is recently under fire after being filmed kissing a murder convict.

According to Daily Mail, the footage from December 29, 2021, shows judge Mariel Suarez in a jail, sharing an intimate kiss with Cristian ‘Mai’ Bustos, a prisoner who was convicted for killing a police official.

A week before, Suarez, a judge in the Chubut province, had voted against a life sentence for Bustos.

 The Argentinian judge was a part of a panel of judges who had voted to decide on a life sentence for Bustos. Bustos had murdered Officer Roberts in 2009. Suarez was the only judge in the panel who had voted against the life sentence, even though Bustos had accepted his charges of shooting the police official.

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Due to the majority of votes supporting the life sentence, Bustos was handed a life term.

 The incident was brought to light after an officer spotted the duo involved in the act. He then reported the incident to the superiors, but Suarez denied misconduct on her part. In  conversation with Argentinian news website Todo Noticias, she denied having any sentimental dynamic with Bustos, stating that she has a “working relationship” with the convict. Suarez added that she is writing a book on the convict.

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 The judge also disregarded the kissing allegation, stating that the duo was sitting together in proximity as an act of privacy due to the number of people walking nearby.

 A probe into the matter has been launched by the Superior Court of Justice of Chubut to investigate the incident. The court further described the murder convict as a “highly dangerous” individual.

The footage has now been posted on Twitter by a user named Marcelo Fava. The video has amassed numerous retweets and comments from users appalled by the incident. The incident occurred at the Penitentiary Institute (IPP) in Trelew, Argentina.