Black Widow is the biggest movie at the box office and is released in most countries across the world. The movie has garnered the biggest box office opening yet, both domestically and globally. Director Cate Shortland while discussing the film with Polygon, revealed an interesting behind-the-scenes moment. 

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When Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, and Cate first read Black Widow%u2019s script they collectively rolled their eyes at the sexist joke by David Harbour%u2019s Alexi popularly known as the Red Guardian. He cracks a joke about women being in bad moods during their periods. To which Cate said, %u201CI remember Florence and Scarlett and me reading it and just being like, %u2018Oh, my God, this is ridiculous.%u2019%u201D

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Initially, Shortland decided to cut it entirely, but after discussing it with the actors, they wanted to answer it. Shortland said, %u201CIf you%u2019re gonna make that joke, I%u2019m gonna unleash Florence Pugh on you.%u201D In the Marvel world,  girls groomed to become %u201CWidows%u201D  as in assassins in the evil %u201CRed Room%u201D are sterilized to prevent them from having biological children, thus leading to preventing attachments that could impede their nefarious and dangerous work.

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So, during the scene when David asks Yelena if her aggression is due to %u201Cthat time of the month%u201D she belts him one back. %u201CI don%u2019t get my period dipshit. I don%u2019t have a uterus,%u201D she says. %u201COr ovaries,%u201D Johansson%u2019s Romanoff adds. Soon after that, Pugh explains the involuntary hysterectomy until Harbour relents and backs off.

Shortland told Polygon, %u201CWhat we tried to do was use humor to talk to the trauma.%u201D This particular scene was Pugh%u2019s favorite moment in the film. 

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