V, a member of BTS, began his Sunday by speaking with ARMY
about his health after being diagnosed with COVID-19. He also discussed how he
plans to spend his quarantine at home. V, nicknamed Kim Taehyung, recently
commented about his Valentine’s Day on the fan community forum Weverse.

A fan asked, “Taehyung, are you feeling good?” He
replied, “I’m good. Thanks for taking care of me!” Another user
asked, “Did your body get better? I was worried because you weren’t online
on Instagram. I hope you eat a lot of delicious food, rest a lot, and meet ARMY
soon; I love you.” V responded, “It’s because I have nothing to post
I will try (to post something) today if I have any idea of it.”

When another fan asked about his lunch, he replied,
“I’m thinking of mixing seasoned dried seaweed into rice together (for
lunch).” Another person asked if he was ‘sleeping well’, to which he
replied, “About 15 hours?”

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Another person, who is also quarantining at home asked V how to keep
oneself busy. He replied, “Well I… watched movies, listened to music,
enjoyed time thinking (about life), slept, played games, napped etc. and time
went by pretty quickly?”

A fan asked he was gifted chocolate for Valentine’s Day. V
responded, “Nope no one gave me anything so I found out (it was
valentine’s) with just a few hours left in the day.”

V tested positive for Covid-19 last week, according to a
statement from BTS’s agency, Big Hit Music. It said in part, “V went to
the hospital on the 15th of February for a PCR test after suffering from a
slight sore throat. Tonight, he was diagnosed with Covid-19. V has received two
rounds of Covid-19 vaccines and is showing no unusual effects other from a
little fever and scratchy throat. He is currently receiving therapy at home
while waiting for further instructions from the medical authorities.”