In these unprecedented times, people are often caught in two minds about travelling, due to the constant change in travel restrictions and guidelines. The Director-General of Commercial Aviation gave out a set of rules regarding airlines and their passengers, which explains the passengers’ rights that can be exercised under various circumstances.

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Refunds for flight cancellations

 Flight tickets can be cancelled two weeks prior to the date of travel, and you will be rebooked for an alternate flight. If the rebooked flight is not up to your convenience, you can ask for another flight that is suitable for your schedule. And if they can not offer you a convenient travel alternative, you can ask for the full refund, writes Curly Tales.

If the tickets were booked online directly with the airline, you must receive the refund within a week after ticket cancellation. If the bookings were made through other websites, you must receive the refund within 30 days. If the payment was made in cash, you can claim the refund immediately at the office, writes Curly Tales.

Compensations for delayed flights

In case of a flight delay of more than 27 hours, you are eligible to get free accommodation arrangements and a transfer from the airline.

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For delayed or damaged baggage

If your baggage does not arrive on the flight as the one you travelled in, and you do not receive your bags within 21 days, it will be considered lost. And in this situation, you will be reimbursed with an amount depending on the weight of the bags. If the bags are damaged, airlines will offer a replacement. If you are not satisfied with the replacement, you can negotiate a settlement value, Curly Tales reported.