“A 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Assam’s Sonitpur on Wednesday. Videos of cracked roads, damaged buildings, broken rooms have gone viral after the incident. Dhekiajuli area in Sonitpur district was found to be the epicentre.u00a0. Tremors were felt in parts of West Bengal and Meghalaya too. The damage is being assessed across all parts of Assam. A lot of videos and photos showed broken ceilings, cracked paddy fields and damaged crops.u00a0. Here are a few videos from Assam earthquake:. Three back-to-back earthquakes were felt. Water oozed out from cracked paddy fields and a lot of residents had to move out from the buildings immediately after their apartment rooms were filled with water.u00a0. #Assam #Earthquake #Sonitpur #NaturalDisaster #NorthEastIndia #Indiau00a0.”