Tech tycoon and Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently paid a surprise visit to the under-construction Texas Gigafactory and decided to arrive in the company’s long-awaited electric pickup, the Cybertruck.

His appearance was quick to attract eyeballs and fans started posting videos and photos of him driving the truck on Twitter. Commenting on one of his fans’ posts, Musk said, “I was just there, driving Cybertruck around the site where it will be built.”

Take a look:

The Gigafactory, still in making, will manufacture the Model Y and Model 3 cars. Semi-truck and Cybertruck models will also be produced in this facility by Tesla in the future.

After his visit, Musk told his fans on Twitter that Tesla may hit some production snags later this year. “Limited production of Model Y this year, high volume next year,” Musk wrote.

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In January, Musk claimed that Tesla will make a few deliveries of the Cybertruck in 2021 but volume production is set for next year.

The Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled in 2019 and in May 2020 Musk had confirmed that it will be built at its new facility in the United States.