Grand Theft Auto Online is set to release a more story centric expansion very soon, Rockstar announced on Wednesday. The new chapter is called “The Contract” and features Franklin, a GTA V character. The version is set to release on December 15 and hence would focus on the protagonist, that is, Franklin working in a  “celebrity solutions agency.” The same would also feature Dr. Dre, the composer of the music for the new game. 

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Rockstar games, on their official Twitter handle said, “In the years since he and his accomplices knocked over the Union Depository, Los Santos hustler Franklin Clinton has been making moves of his own. Introducing The Contract, a new GTA Online story coming December 15 — featuring Dr. Dre.”

The expansion introduces a solution-based agency, called F. Clinton and Partner, which is responsible for solving the issues of the elite of Los Santos. According to an announcement by Rockstar Newswire, the GTA online character’s task would be to expand their business after they meet Franklin through Lamar Davis. 

The story continues with DJ Pooh, GTA 5 radio host, contacting Franklin to deliberate about Dr Dre, a potential client. Dr Dre would have lost his phone containing a series of unreleased music. The duty of the player would be to secure back the tracks, either alone or with the help of a team.

According to the teaser by Rockstar, the players would be working with Franklin, Chop the Dog and Iman, a hacker who travels to Los Santos parties and FBI offices to retrieve the music tracks. The trailer also gives a sneak peak into appearances of some famous characters such as Snoop Dogg on the soundtrack.

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Rockstar, in today’s announcement mentioned, “an eclectic new radio station from some very special guest hosts, huge first-of-their-kind updates to existing radio stations including a ton of new and unreleased exclusive tracks from Dr. Dre and a heavy-hitting line-up of artists.”

The regular players of the online game are thoroughly excited for this new chapter which is expected to bring in new weapons, hit contracts, vehicles, storyline and more.