Harry Potter fame Evanna Lynch starrer new vegan sci-fi short
film “You Eat Other Animals?” was released on World Vegan Day. In the movie, she has portrayed the role of a vegan alien queen. The movie film was written and directed by British filmmaker Ed
Wiles. His idea behind the project? He aims to spread awareness of veganism through his short film.

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The short comedy that was released on YouTube, is set
on an alien spaceship where two alien women meet two men from Earth. However, they are taken aback when they discover their animal-based eating

The 5-minute sci-fi film shows how two highly evolved aliens might react to the animal-based human diet.

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About the project

Apart from celebrating World Vegan Day, the short film aims to put a light on animal agriculture.

In a statement, Wiles explained the value of using humor to promote important subjects such as veganism.

He said that comedy allows you to say something meaningful more subtly and you don’t come across as too righteous while saying it.

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Wiles also gives credit to Lynch and the cast for making the film a success. He said everyone was brilliant. Evanna’s role was the hardest because she had to play it straight and be funny while the others had more comical lines.

The profits from the self-funded film will be donated to charities for animals.

It also stars Anna Ballantine, James Eeles, and Michael Jinks.

The movie was shot in the green screen studio at Brunel University, with in-kind support from Raw Capture and SHL Lighting.

It was shot in one day but took two years to complete post-production.

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While talking about
casting Evanna, Wiles said that he wanted to have an
all-vegan/vegetarian cast and Evanna
was the obvious choice and he knew she would get the script based on her social
media posts.

Ed Wiles is a British writer and director, known for Dropperz (2016) and City Lights (2016).