Europe must preserve its own security by assisting Ukraine in defending itself against Russia, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said via video link at a meeting of Joint Expeditionary Force chiefs in London on Tuesday, encouraging them to provide more weaponry.

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Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, is convening a gathering of Nordic and Baltic leaders to discuss European defence and security.

“We all are the targets of Russia and everything will go against Europe if Ukraine won’t stand so I would like to ask you to help yourself by helping us,” Zelensky told the leaders.

“You know the kind of weapon we need … without your support it would be very difficult. I’m very grateful but I want to say that we need more … I do hope that you will be able to enhance that scope and you will see how this will protect your security, your safety,” he added.

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As Russia’s bombardment of Ukraine continues, leaders from many European countries will go to Kyiv on Tuesday. Leaders from Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia will join a European Union trip to show their support for Ukraine.

According to a statement made by the Polish government, the objective of the visit was to confirm “the unequivocal support of the entire European Union for the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine” and to “present a broad package of support for Ukraine.”

Boris Johnson had previously promised a “new Marshall Plan” to reconstruct Ukraine in the aftermath of Vladimir Putin‘s horrific conflict, after Volodymyr Zelensky referenced Churchill in a bold and passionate presentation to British MPs in which he reiterated his call for a no-fly zone.

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Negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators were set to restart Tuesday after failing to reach an agreement on Monday, according to Associated Press reporting.

The two sides had expressed some hope about the talks, which would cover “peace, ceasefire, immediate withdrawal of troops & security guarantees,” according to Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak.