Facebook’s United States‘ office on Friday alerted Delhi Police about a possible suicide attempt after a 39-year-old allegedly live-streamed a suicide video on the social media application. Sohan Lal, a widower and a father of two young kids, was saved by a midnight call from 14,000km away. Emotionally vulnerable since his wife’s death in 2016, Lal resorted to the extreme step after an altercation with a neighbour.

It was 12.50 am when the Cyber Prevention Awareness Detection of Delhi Police (CyPAD) received an alert from the US office. After analysing the account details, CyPAD shared the details with Police Station Palam Village. Simultaneously, the information, including the likely location of the person and his Facebook live clip, was also shared with the Delhi Police Command Room.

After the information was broadcast among the concerned officials, a nearby Emergency Response Vehicle, took command of the situation and reached the location. The man was found with heavy blood loss and was rushed to the AIIMS Trauma Centre where he was saved.

Reports suggest that he had inflicted multiple cut wounds on his hand.

Commenting on the case, deputy commissioner of police Anyesh Roy said that they were lucky to save Lal.

“Fortunately, because of the lockdown norms and also because it was past midnight, we did not find any traffic (to the hospital). We managed to reach the AIIMS Trauma Centre within 15-20 minutes, where he was treated,” Hindustan Times quoted sub-inspector Amit Kumar, Palam Police Station, as saying.

Reportedly, the man is currently undergoing treatment for depression.