British actor Jameela Jamil is popularly known for her brave and radical stance on relevant socio-political issues. The ‘Good Place’ actor has received a lot of online backlash for being vocal about problems around misogyny, racism, colourism, and more.

This time too, Jamil has not shied away from posting her opinion on the farmers’ protest. However, since having opinions always comes at a great cost for women, she has been getting a lot of threats on social media for daring to speak up. On the other hand, because she is usually vocal about social issues, she is also pressurised by some to speak up more on the current farmers’ protest.

Taking to Instagram, the actor confessed that she has a limitation to how many threats she can handle. She also pointed out that men are not pressurised to speak up as much despite being treated more leniently by social media miscreants.

The farmers’ protest has recently been gaining a lot of international attention after Rihanna, Kamala Harris’ niece- Meena Harris, Greta Thunberg, Mia Khalifa, tweeted in support of the farmers. After these people came out on social media with their opinions, they too were met with heavy online backlash, including death threats. Effigies of celebrities were burned in India. 

Jameela Jamil shared on Instagram how she has been receiving death and rape threats ever since she decided to speak up for the farmers in India.

This sexist experience is not solitary to Jamil. A few days back, when Rihana took to Twitter to ask why people are not talking enough about the farmers’ protest, some people shamelessly went ahead and thanked Chris Brown for physically abusing Rihana in 2009. A verified Bollywood actor even called her a ‘porn singer’ for choosing to show her skin.