Indian Air Force Day is celebrated every year on October 8. The main objective is to recognise the contribution and exceptional performance of the Indian Air Force in the field. Eighty military aircraft and five display teams took part in the flypast, which featured almost every type of fighter, transport aircraft, and helicopter in the IAF inventory.

The Chief of Air Staff of the Indian Air Force also introduced the new combat uniform for air force troops on Saturday in addition to the breathtaking aerial performance (October 8).

The first look of the “digitally camouflaged uniform” for the air force’s ground soldiers was unveiled by Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari. Similar to the army, the IAF’s Garud Special Forces use camouflage gear.

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What is the Indian Air Force’s new digital camouflage combat uniform?

The Air Force’s new combat uniform incorporates elements that the Army unveiled earlier this year when it also adopted a new digitally camouflaged combat uniform.

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) designed the Indian Army’s new combat uniform, which was unveiled on Army Day this year. While elements of the design will be borrowed for the IAF’s uniform upgrade, it will be tailored to the conditions in which the IAF’s ground personnel operate.

“The colours and shades of the new IAF uniform will be a little different, more conducive to the air force’s working environment,” an IAF officer told

The IAF uniform will include a new (breathable and lightweight) fabric and design in addition to the new pattern, which will enhance worker efficiency and comfort. Both male and female ground duty workers can maximise their operational potential thanks to the ergonomic fitting.

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They designed for all terrains and seasons, allowing manufacturers to save money by mass-producing them.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) was founded on this day in 1932 as a support force for the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force. The air force was renamed the Bharatiya Vayu Sena, or Indian Air Force, after India gained independence.

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The majority of armed forces all around the world have shifted to disruptive digital camouflage designs. The earlier-used organic motifs have been replaced by pixelated graphics for the battle fatigues. The digital pattern is all-terrain friendly, enabling personnel the freedom to move more readily without being seen from, say, desert, wooded, alpine, and urban landscapes.

The digital-camouflage pattern is now used by all three branches of the Indian military, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force, allowing them to claim intellectual property rights (IPR) on the fabric and design. According to reports, the Army has begun the process of filing an IPR.