KBC Offline Quiz (November 22, 2021): Which of the following actor has been honored with the ‘Godavari Gaurav’ award?

(A) Deepika Padukone

(B) Amol Palekar

(C) Shah Rukh Khan

(D) Rekha

Answer: (B) Amol Palekar

Noted actor Amol Palekar was honored with the ‘Godavari Gaurav’ award in March 2018. The actor is known for his performance in movies like Gol Maal, Choti Si Baat, Chitchor among others. The award has been instituted by Nashik-based ‘Kusumagraj Prathishthan’. The award carries a prize of Rs 21,000 and a memento. The award was given by noted Marathi writer Madhu Mangesh Karnik, who is the chairperson the Prathishthan. Classical singer Pandit Satyasheel Deshpande also received the ‘Godavari Gaurav’ award.

Amol Palekar, 77, is an Indian actor, director and producer of Hindi and Marathi cinema. In 1971,  he made his debut with Satyadev Dubey’s Marathi film Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe. He won the Filmfare Best Actor Award for Gol Maal.

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