A full-page newspaper advertisement promoting the Uttar Pradesh government’s developmental work has amused the Trinamool Congress as it carries an image of a Kolkata flyover. The Mamata Banerjee-led party has accused the Yogi Adityanath government of showcasing TMC’s work as its own.

The advertisement, released by the Uttar Pradesh government, attempts to highlight the development works done by Yogi Adityanath‘s government over the last five years in the state and all was going well until a journalist by the name of Rohini Singh caught the blunder.

According to Singh, the pictures of the flyover shown in the advertisement as part of Uttar Pradesh was actually from Kolkata and the journalist also circled a yellow taxi seen in the image. The punch is that yellow taxis are seen in West Bengal, especially Kolkata and not UP.

Sharing the picture on Twitter, Singh wrote, “Yogi Ji, it’s okay if you stole Kolkata’s road and building for promotional activities but you did not forget to remove even the yellow taxi in the advertisement.

Trinamool Congress was in no mood to let this goof-up go and soon the party leader and CM Mamata Banerjee’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee re-shared Singh’s post.

“Transforming UP for @myogiadityanath means stealing images from infrastructure seen in Bengal under @MamataOfficial’s leadership and using them as his own!

Looks like the ‘DOUBLE ENGINE MODEL’ has MISERABLY FAILED in BJP’s strongest state and now stands EXPOSED for all! ,” the TMC leader wrote.

Soon, TMC leader Mukul Roy also came forward to take a dig at the BJP for stealing images in the name of development.

“Mr. @narendramodi is so helpless to save his party that other than changing CMs, he has also had to resort to using pictures of growth & infrastructure seen under @MamataOfficial’s leadership, as his own.#BengalModel > #BJPRuledStatesModel Mr Modi?” Roy wrote.

Meanwhile, the advertisement department of the newspaper in question issued a public apology calling it a miss on their part.

Uttar Pradesh, one of BJP’s power states, often called one of the best development models delivered by the ruling party in the last five years, is due for assembly elections in 2022.