Japaneses video game system Nintendo is celebrating Mario Day, a day dedicated to our favourite plumber, and it is doing so by giving Nintendo official Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Island a Mario makeover. The Mario day is on Thursday, March 10.

According to GamesRadar, the Nintendo island now features several platforming barriers which require players to jump from one segment to another with one area terraformed to spell out Mario’s name.

animal crossing island was introduced by Isabelle, one of Nintendo’s fictional characters
in Novemeber, the news of its Mario make over was broken by ACNH Island News on
its Twitter handle on Wednesday.

Nintendo’s has prepared the Island for visitors with Mario themed decorations and has also issued an address through which the visitors can visit the Island.

In 1983, Mario, an overall-wearing, mustache sporting fictional video game character was introduced to the world and has revolutionized the gaming world. 

Nintendo is also offering 35% off up to March 13 on selected games to mark Mario day. Gamers can access Nintendo eShop for digital downloads